This past week I was asked by two different people how they could give copies of ToBeWise to friends and family and business associates. What a great idea, methinks… but I had no idea how to do it. Duh. And that lead me on to the search for a solution, and I even made a little video clip showing how to do it. Read on…

First of all: Apps can NOT be gifted using a mobile device, only a computer such as your PC or Mac. This example shows the Mac.

Whichever computer you use, you need to launch ITUNES and here’s how:

  1. Click this link:  This takes you to the ToBeWise Pro description page, and…
  2. Then click “View in iTunes” (the blue button directly under the big light bulb.
  3. Almost there, click the little down-arrow to the right of the Download button (again directly under the big light bulb.
  4. You will see the Gift option pop up, so click that, and then follow your nose,
  5. The rest is easy! (who gets the app, gift message, etc)       Enjoy!

Thank you, and congratulations for being such a nice person!

NOTE: a single purchase allows the recipient to download ToBeWise for ALL of their Apple mobile devices, including multiple phones, iPads, and iPod touch, and they will get upgrades for free, forever, and all for that one time low price of 2.99

Yeah, it’s a great deal.