Why to use ToBeWise™

This 5-star app is completely free to use, ad free, spam free, and your usage data is never sold, period. So you can feel safe that your privacy is assured.

The content of the app is a carefully curated collection of the wisdom of the ages, in bite size memorable quotations from the greatest minds in all of history (Socrates, Aristotle, Marcus Aurelius, etc), up to and including the startup superstars (Jobs, Musk, Buffett, etc). Over 2,000 such thoughts, on 200 subjects, from 800 authors.

Imagine if you possessed the combined wisdom of these superstars. The value to you could be in the millions… even billions… literally priceless. How can any value be placed on the value to anyone who has such a superpower as owning the wisdom of the ages.

Wisdom gives you the ability to make the right decisions. Imagine the value, and the power, of such knowledge. Imagine your life with this superpower.

The app is worthless if you don’t use it, and yet more likely priceless in direct proportion to how and how much, you use the app.

Quite possibly, ToBeWise™ is the most valuable app ever created, but only if you use it.

There are 4 distinct Modes to use ToBeWise™ in order from least to most valuable:

1. No System Mode
Most apps are never used after the first time or two, and a lot of the reason for that is that we forget. It’s tough to start a new habit, regardless of the great value or ease of doing the new behavior. It’s a challenge to integrate any new habit into your life.
You could check out ToBeWise™ once or twice and become really impressed with how easy it is to use, and the value of the content, but it’s also easy to let things go and get distracted with the busyness of daily life.
Down the road you may hear of some wise saying and think of the ToBeWise™ app, and you might even open it up and explore some more and maybe even get into the habit that will pay enormous dividends in your future. It could happen.

Or not…

Why leave it to chance? If you really want to change your life and become that new person you know you can be, if you really want to enjoy the confidence that comes from owning the wisdom of the ages, then you will want to use ToBeWise™ in the way it was intended. It will make all the difference.

So, the way to get the most out of ToBeWise™ will be to use one or more of the three systems below. The emphasis on the word systems is meant to highlight the truth that when we want to achieve anything, any system is better than no system. Below are three increasingly more powerful systems for using ToBeWise™ so that you achieve the greatest value from the app.

2. Automatic System Mode.
This mode is activated by simply touching the Home button, and the wisdom of the ages starts scrolling across your screen on whatever subject you choose. This is a completely passive activity, kind of like watching television, but likely so much more valuable. In Automatic Mode there is a high probability that you will experience a quotation that completely resonates at a gut level, and will have a profound positive effect on your life from that moment forward. To enhance this probability, use ToBeWise™ in one of the two modes below:

3. Manual System Mode.
In this mode, you simply engage your curiosity about the enormous breadth of Subjects by using the Discover button, and then sample some subjects that are of interest. Every individual will come to ToBeWise™ with different interests, but all will find great value in Manual mode. One great value of the Manual Mode is the ability to build you own personal collection of “Favorites” which you can play anytime you want. The more you experiment with the Discover options, the greater the opportunity to build your personal collection of Favorites. Manual Mode is the second most powerful way to use ToBeWise™. The ideal frequency for using Manual Mode is twice per day, morning and evening. Two minutes each time will deliver spectacular results. Five minutes each time will soon enough put you in the company of superstars. Another benefit of Manual Mode is the ability to Share some powerful quotation with other people who are important in your life

4. Scheduled System Mode.
The most powerful method of using ToBeWise™. Now you’re getting into superpower mode. And yet it is so easy. This mode is engaged with the Settings button, then selecting Notifications, whereby you describe a window of time you want to be presented with a new thought on the subject of your choosing. Many people choose to have one new thought, say, during daylight hours, either one per day, or, more eagerly, one per hour. This mode is highly recommended and will greatly enhance the value and the speed of value you experience. Start out with once a day, and move up to twice a day, morning and night, and then you might realize that “the more you use it, the better you get”.

In summary, you have the wisdom of the ages at your command, to use in your life and business any way you want. How fast do you want to achieve the confidence of owning the wisdom of the greatest thinkers and achievers in all of history?

Your superpower awaits…

We wish you well and good speed on your journey.

Finally, consider these powerful words:

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, Begin it.
For Boldness has Genius, Power, and Magic in it.
Begin it Now!