That’s a Gandhi quote: Actions express Priorities. And there’s another one about how you can really ignore what people say, the only thing that matters is what they Do. We agree, of course, and to learn what people really do with our app, we include a bit of software that let’s us know when a user, for example, sets up a notification. We’ll never know WHO does what, just that some user did something. Privacy is assured because user – identifying information stays inside the user’s device, we never see it.

We use a software product called Mixpanel. Here’s my wish list of the “events” we would like to track:

Favorite Button
Add content
Delete content
Edit Content
Author button
Video button
Speed control – which setting
First time download
First open
Notifications sent
Notifications clicked on
Discover Mode entered
Discover Mode which Subject selected
Discover Mode which Author selected
Settings Mode entered
1-Quote screen entered
Share via FB
Share via Twitter
Share via Other (Mail/Text message/whatever)
Settings – Tell a friend
Settings – About
Settings – Rate this app
Settings – Feedback / Help
Settings – Terms
Settings – Scheduled Notifications (page entered)
Settings – Scheduled Notifications SAVE button
Settings – Scheduled Notifications – Extra Message turned on