I love it when a plan comes together.

This past Friday, the last day of September, and the second New Moon of the month, our long-standing plan to get the app in the AppStore became a reality. Now available to about one billion iOS devices all over the world. The even happened without any fanfare whatsoever, as was the plan. The idea is to have a couple more quick updates over the next 10 days or so, to shake out any lingering bugs, and then to announce to an ever wider audience, in a step-wise fashion.

Rob Bertholf and i met on Sunday for an hour or so to scope out some plans for the Website, Facebook page, Twitter page, etc.

Son Mike has agreed to host, and will be getting a brand new server for our new home M5hosting.

Thanks to all for your help in getting here:  Steve, Rio, Raj, Rob, Mike, Charles. Thank you beyond words.

On to the next phase: letting people know that our app exists, and that will start in about 10 days and will include improvements to the website and laying the foundation for user interaction for the purposes of feedback and continuous improvement.

Some notes on that topic:

1. Sync the links in the app with the website and test so no 404s

2. Add content: About

1.  Who should use this app
2.  How to use for maximum results
3.  About the content
4.  Upgrade from the Lite Version (Free) to Pro Version
5.  How to download the app
6.  Metatags, SEO
Video – how to use, various features, beginner and advanced, etc.
Suggestions for best video software?
Advanced topics:
1. Need a way to capture user identities, for surveys, sales, etc.
What’s the best way to have a signup (and validate) for a Newsletter and/or Blog posts?
Can individual blog posts have/require password login?
Capture the name/email address to a Google sheet?
What is best newsletter service to use?  (push)
Or put it all on the facebook page?   (pull)
2. A way for users to contribute their favorite quote, get credit for it with “contributed by” in the app next version.
3. A tobewise community, using public domain forum software? Or closed facebook page? Or…???
4.  Google analytics for website?

There are infinite details in this next phase, so I’d better get to ’em.



PS: in the screen shot above, I bought one on 9/30, and Rob bought on 10/2.

I wonder who the others were…