ToBeWise is my System for Success in Life and Business.
I’ve spent the best part of the last 12 months consumed with the idea, design, and development of this product.
TeleMagic was a good thing, but I would prefer ToBeWise to be my Legacy. And now, ToBeWise is better than ever: Version 2 is in the AppStore now…
How could it be any better, you ask?
1.  YouTube videos have been replaced with TED talks
for a much higher level of relevant content.
2.  Bug fixing has cured the Favorites/Added by Me/Deleted replay feature.
3. The 17+ years old rating has been removed and now it is set at 4+.
4. All known content typos were fixed along with other content upgrades.
ToBeWise is ready for Prime Time Now!
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Thank you!
Two versions:
Lite (free)
Pro (2.99)